Friday, August 2, 2013

Official Book Launch Details

So what if the ebook has been out since September of last year.  Who cares if the paperback has been available for a couple of months...

I am pleased to be able to announce the details of the official book launch of The Ephesus Scroll!  It will be held as part of the regular Sunday services on the 1st of September at Diamond Valley Baptist Church.

The morning service starts at 9:30am and the evening service starts at 6:00pm.  I will be preaching at both services, using two excerpts from the novel to provide an overview of the purpose of the book of Revelation.

Then, after each service I will be only too happy to sell you a copy of the novel - and sign it, too, if you would like...

So come one, come all!

DATE:  1st September, 2013
TIMES:  9:30am or 6:00pm
WHERE:  Diamond Valley Baptist Church
309 Diamond Creek Rd, Plenty 3090 (Melway Reference: 11D7)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An extended review

If you were wondering what The Ephesus Scroll is all about and (more importantly) if it's worth reading, check out this extended review written by Darren Cronshaw:

(Thanks, Darren!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You can order your printed copy NOW!

Great news!  The Ephesus Scroll is now available in a printed version!

Here it is!

To order, please email ephesus.scroll at with your name, address and how many copies you would like and I will send you details about how to pay.  (It will be through PayPal, in case you were wondering.)  And if you want the author to sign it, just ask; that will not cost anything extra!

The following prices are in Australian dollars.

The book itself will cost $12 per copy.

For postage in Australia, add $4.

For international postings, add
$10 for New Zealand
$12 for Asia/Pacific
$16 for UK / Europe / US.

(There may be a postage discount if you order 10 copies!)

So please email me your orders and I will endeavour to ship your copy as fast as possible!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Ephesus Scroll on Facebook

Did you know that The Ephesus Scroll is on Facebook?

The page can be found at  If you "like" the page you will be able to stay in touch with up-coming events and even the occasional give-away!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Cover Images

For those of you interested in the paintings on the cover of The Ephesus Scroll, this post is for you!

Both portraits on the front cover come from Roman funerary paintings - also known as mummy portraits - dated to the second century AD.  The portrait of the man is in the Manchester Museum.  (There is a great article about this particular portrait here.)  In full, he looks like this:

Some people have noted that this man bears a striking resemblance to me.  That is entirely coincidental!  It is supposed to be how Loukas, the main character in the first century time-line of the novel, might have looked like.

The portrait of the woman is in the British Museum.  (This link should take you to her page.)  In full, she looks like this:

To be honest, she looks a bit old to be Iounia (who I imagined was in her late teens.)  But once you crop, you can't tell!  I also had to smooth out some of the cracks (the one on her nose was a little distracting!)    And then both faces were cropped and joined together to create what I hoped would be an evocative image:

The painting on the back comes from here, painted by a St. Petersburg artist from the "Artemis" group.  This one was also cropped (to match the size and shape of the image on the front cover).  In full, it looks like this:

Finally, if I am being complete, I should also mention that the scroll fragment on the front cover is actually from a New Testament Greek translation (also known as the Septuagint) of the book of Joshua, dated to approximately 200 AD.  It is known as MS 2648.  (For more details see here.)